How I Tested A Fitness Tracker Watch Not For Workout And Weight loss

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To begin with, I was not looking to set up ambitious goals for weight loss or muscle gain. I needed a solid device that would help me be more healthy on a daily basis without too much effort on my part. Something like a lazy person’s personal advisor that would nudge me to drink more water or make me less stressed out. In a nutshell, this is exactly what this device does. You can choose which functions you want to track to help you stay healthy!

Nice packaging, GoBe2, Healbe

Setting up GoBe2

In the manual, it was recommended to fully charge the wearable, but it had some preliminary charge, and I was anxious to try it out, so I started the set up right away.

Even though, you can set it up as a standalone device, I do recommend downloading the app, just makes it easier and you can start tracking your health activities.

Once I had the app, the set up and syncing was pretty straightforward except for a small inconvenience — the firmware took a bit of time to update and it looked like the connection between the device and my phone was lost couple of times. After restarting the syncing, it picked up where it dropped off, so it finished quick after that.

The app

The data can be read either from the wearable itself or from the phone app by Healbe. App provides a bit more details and also very importantly, historical tracking.

The data being monitored

The data that are being monitored and tracked are below (unless specifically called out, data are seen on both, device and phone app):

  • Heart rate
  • Calorie balance

Device just shows the balance

App breaks out caloric intake vs calories burnt and final balance

  • Number of steps that day and distance walked
  • Hydration level

Really cool feature — device vibrates when your hydration level is low, so you are reminded to drink more water

It actually does buzz you when you drink beer in a bar with a “Drink” message. Which means not to drink more beer, but to drink water :)

  • Stress level — app only (I am guessing based on heart rate, pretty good to know over the course of the day since the app is tracking)
  • Blood pressure function is in beta phase and only visible on the phone app
  • Recommended hours of sleep based on day’s activity — app only (more on that later)

Device can be set to vibrate and wake you up based time window that you can set and the most appropriate phase of the sleep you are in (I have not tried that feature). You can also set up manual alarm for a specific time.

  • The device also tells time and % charged
  • One more alert that the device does via vibration is “Emotion”, I have no clue what it is supposed to mean, as for example, my “stress level” was low those times…

The device buzzed me with the “Emotion” message when the Excel file was slow and I wanted to through my laptop into the wall. I guess, it asked me not to jump to conclusions that easily

I really have to call out again how I like hydration level alert. I obviously knew that it’s good for me before, but probably was not drink enough or as regularly as needed. Drinking water regularly and keeping hydration level on good level all day, noticeably improved my quality of sleep.

Going back to sleep tracking, and I guess it deals with personal preference — I don’t like to wear and jewelry, watch, or wearable when I go to sleep, so the sleep tracking and smart alarm is not for me. However, the device thinks that I did not sleep at all and next day recommends that I sleep 12 hours to catch up on sleep. I wish there was either a manual input of how many hours I slept, or some sort of “sleep time mode” on the app.

Overall, it has a feel of a well made product, which it is. The original strap is rubber and feels pretty nice, it has a very generous length and holes for the buckle , so you can easily adjust it for a small or large wrist. The body of the device is pretty large (3cm x 5cm), so it will look a bit bulky on a smaller wrist, I wish it was a bit smaller, like Fitbit bracelets. The side that touches the wrist has a metal plate. It says, it’s waterproof and have taken showers wearing Healbe, but I have not swam in it yet.

The battery life is good for 2–3 days and the recharging takes less than an hour. Charger is included and it has a micro USB plug input. The charger is about the same size as the device without the wristband, so it won’t take too much space if you travel with it.

Overall, I am very happy with Healbe GoBe2 and will continue to use it. It’s a device that does not spread itself thin on bunch of functions, but the ones it does, it does them very well.

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